Laurier Library indigenous mural project

The Laurier Library indigenous mural was unveiled in a ceremony on Sept. 28, 2023, in advance of National day for Truth and Reconciliation. 

I was tasked with creating a communications plan, promoting community painting sessions throughout the summer, pitching regional media and building a webpage educating visitors on the mural's creation and significance. I am so proud to have been involved in communicating how important it is to the Laurier community, its greater impact on the KW region, and its legacy as a strong visual symbol of Laurier's commitment to indigeneity.

Laurier Library mural taking shape with the help of 120 community members

Laurier community members invited to Indigenous mural painting sessions with artist Mike Cywink

The Spring Team @

I created a successful weekly blog for Toronto real estate brokerage The Spring Team at The blog content has ranged from general lifestyle posts to larger political and social pieces that affect homeowners and tenants. I also work as their social media consultant, and created both of these social media posts, and the subsequent blog posts. 

Click each image to be directed to the corresponding blog post.

500px Case Study

500px is a Toronto based photo sharing website and community operating within a 'Freemium' model. I was tasked with connecting with their target demographic via social media, and marketing their paid "awesome" and "pro" accounts to increase conversion rate. I used existing 500px community members photos, and created the copy "How far can awesome take you?" to reiterate the 500px brand vision that they are a partner of successful working creatives. I utilized both Instagram stories and in-feed instagram posts to target visual creatives. These posts are presented as sponsored, but can easily translate to organic.

500px Quests

Quests are contests open to all members of the 500px community (free or paid). My goal was to create several quest objectives, and to publicize them to existing 500px users on social media. Using similar ideas as above, I wanted to reiterate the brand vision that 500px are a partner in a creative's success, and not simply a tool they use with the copy "Grow your skills while you grow your portfolio".

Humber College Case Study

Humber College's new Barrett Centre for Technology and Innovation was recently launched, and I wanted to visually illustrate what current and prospective students might be able achieve if they enrolled in Humber College technology programs. Using royalty free stock images and copy that focused on artificial intelligence and virtual reality, I created sponsored posts for Instagram stories and Facebook, which were my recommendations for their target audiences of existing students, and prospective international students.

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